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“Probably one of the best debut novels I’ve read. The writing was perfect!”

- the_busy_book_bandit

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The year is 2029. The United Kingdom has revolutionised. If you don't know what I'm referring to, you haven't been affected yet.

You will be.

My name is Raffela Crowe, and this is my story.

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“This was brilliant for a debut novel. I'm pumped up for the sequel, can't wait to grab the next part! ”

- nerd.on.the.loose

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Signed copies of Happy State now available

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All available for £10!


In the midst of martial law, a new government announces a Happy State; a state that seeks to focus on the wellbeing of its populace.

Raffela Crowe discovers that her father is suffering from dementia, and will stop at nothing to protect him.

When she learns of a deeper truth surrounding the Happy State, that the government seeks to eradicate mental illness in order to create a pure and perfect race, the urgency to protect her father becomes paramount.

The government will stop at nothing to fulfil its agenda.

Resistance group Freedom has an agenda of its own.

About The Author

Samantha Fitzgibbons

I am a creative writer and blogger; my fictional writing often reflects real life issues such as mental illness. Rather than try to endure the exhausting and relentless fight with both the ailment and the stigma attached to it, I try to encourage fellow 'angsty's' to embrace their over zealous resident.

My writing largely reflects my multifarious background; a free willed, artistic creative, drawn to a desire to understand the criminal mind. I am nothing if not light and dark, creative and lateral thinking.

I have just completed my debut novel, 'The Happy State' which considers a newly independent England and a governmental bid to create a happy state for its people. But when a fanatical neo- Nazi military leader joins forces with a gullible, power hungry leader, it seems that happiness will be sought only by eliminating mental illness for once and for all.

Published By Crystal Peake

Happy State is available at Waterstones & Amazon now!

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"This government will stop at nothing to fulfill its agenda.

Resistance group Freedom has an agenda of its own. "

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“I kinda loved this novel, the writing style, the plot everything was brilliantly done. Every paragraph was thrilling and it will keep you stuck until the very end”

- zee_verse6

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